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When you dance to the rhythms of your life, you are truly alive in all ways.

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We do not stop exercising because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop exercising!
Dr K Cooper
  • Somatics - pain relief through movement.
  • Somatics - pain relief through movement.

Chiball Method


The aim of teaching the ChiBall Energy Moves programme is to foster the good health of both body and mind through the integration of movement, the breath and relaxation. It offers a simplified systematic approach to mastering the basic principles and movements of TaiChi and QiGong using easy to learn adaptations of the Shibashi 18 Form.
Shibashi is a gentle, beautiful and flowing qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.
Also spelled Shi-ba-shi - the 18 style Taiji Qigong has a host of names including the 18 postures, the 18 movements and the 18 exercises - was created in 1982 in Shanghai, China by Tai Chi Master He Weiqi (He Wei Chi) and Qigong Master and healer Lin Hou Sheng. The routine combines elements from the Tai Chi Yang form and more traditional breathing and movement exercises from Qigong. karin5-800This pattern is very good for people who want to move on to Yang style tai chi forms because it introduces the basic elements of weight shifting, co-ordination of hand and leg movements together with controlled breathing.
All shibashi movement is centered around a face forward position. Diagonal side steps always return to this starting position - so in that sense it is fixed. If you can stretch your arms out to the sides and turn a full circle you have enough space to practice.
It's suitable for all groups and all ages - and you are never too old to start.
Shi ba shi has quickly become very popular across the world and is practised by millions. In fact, it is so popular and effective that it is considered to be the national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia! And given that prevention is better than cure (and usually cheaper) it sounds like a great idea to have a national health exercise.
Shibashi is designed to strengthen the back and improve the general health and wellbeing of the practitioner. You will experience the benefits more quickly if you find the time to practice every day.
• circulation and digestion are helped - improved by the gentle stretching and rocking movements
• breathing and asthma type conditions are helped by the slow breathing and expansive arm movements
• back and shoulders are helped by the expansive arm movements, gentle bends and gradual trunk turns
• mental sharpness is increased by coordinating opposite side of body movements
And the overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body.
In Chiball Shibashi we add the Chiball for extra effect.

ChiBall™ Method

chiballx2CThe ChiBall Method™ is a holistic exercise programme that is a unique blend of traditional Chinese medicine, colour, aromatherapy, and a synergy of six ancient and modern movement disciplines: Tai Chi-Qi Gong, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates,
Feldenkrais and deep relaxation.

By tailoring The ChiBall Method the the natural cycle of the seasons, participants enjoy a journey towards harmony, balance and well-being.

The ChiBall™ Method:

· Trims, tones and detoxifies the whole body, promoting weight loss

· Improves posture, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness

· Disperses stress and tension

· Boosts your immune system

· Allows you to discover the connection between your mind-body and

The ChiBall™ exercises are based on the following movement disciplines:

Tai Chi and Qi Gong cleanses, rejuvenates and refreshes the internal body by regulating the breath and meridian system.

ChiBall™ Dance invigorates the metabolism, and generates mobility and flexibility using energetic, gentle, slow, continuous movement patterns for detoxification and to increase oxygen supply to the muscles, the brain and other internal systems.

Yoga increases strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and self-awareness.

Pilates develops core strength, supports the spine, stabilises the pelvis and increases the mobility of the joints.

Feldenkrais Method helps us rediscover the effortless movement patterns of childhood, and cultivate the art of listening, letting go and learning from ourselves about ourselves.

Deep Relaxation and Meditation induces calmness of mind and body through deep breathing, visualisation and meditation.


Each term two different sequences are taught. There are sequences that correspond to the five seasons as in Chinese medicine: autumn, winter, spring, summer and late summer. Then there are two Yin and Yang sequences, and Dance of the Dragon. Each sequence has totally different purpose, emphasis, music, and coloured ball. The first half of most sequences is done standing, with the latter performed on the yoga mats, finishing with a relaxation exercise. In this class, as with all classes, everything can be modified if an individual has difficulty with any of the moves.


Thursday: 9:30am (Shibashi) 
Friday 9.30am


  • Chibolsters - build core strength, improve flexibility, develop stability, enhance movement, improve balance, correct posture, relieve pain, restore health, awaken your body!

  • ChiBall-orangeSweet Orange ChiAroma – helps you to express exuberance and joy and to be self-confident, courageous, positive and creative.

  • ChiBall-pinkPink Chiballs - are for a harmonising and balancing effect upon the heart and body. Associated with the heart chakra pink symbolises compassion and healing.

  • ChiBall-silverSilver ChiBalls - increase mental clarity and stimulating creativity.

  • ChiBall-greenGeranium ChiAroma helps you to balance, nuture and soothe the spirit, and to feel stable, tranquil and secure in life.

  • ChiBall-redCinnamon ChiAroma – helps to relieve physical and emotional exhaustion and depression, stimulate circulation, aid digestion, be creative, and have purpose and good life-enhancing intentions.

Fee Structure

Fitness class - $17 per class (if paying by term - $170 10 weeks)

Fitness class - $25 casual

$200 (10 session booklet)

Discounts apply if enrolled in more than one type of fitness class. 


All classes and massage appointments are held at Karin's studio and clinic in Junortoun 3551.

Contact Karin for details.
Karin's fitness studio has been operating for more than 18 years and her massage clinic for more than 30 years.