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Jee Too
I enjoy the challenge of self-pace, not an inanimate voice next station chasing you around the circuit. The motivation is of your own making; you can … read more
I have realized the benefits even after 8 sessions of circuit training. It was worth the effort of being at Karin's at 6.30 am. I felt more energised … read more
We do not stop exercising because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop exercising!
Dr K Cooper
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After two total hip replacements and also a fractured tibia and fibula, I developed swollen feet. Pressure stockings, fluid tablets and elevating them helped a bit. Usually by the end of the day I was uncomfortable or in pain, especially when my arthritis also was bad.
My doctor had no further suggestions, so I asked Karin if she did lymphatic massage. Fortunately she does, and after a noticeable improvement with each of my three sessions I am very happy. After an 8 hour trip in the car recently I had NO swelling which is fantastic. I'm delighted with my wrinkly feet. Thanks Karin.
Date of Posting: 13 May 2013
Posted By: Helen Robinson
Fourteen years ago, I tore hamstring muscles in both my legs while sprinting. Since then I have not been able to get much strength back in to the muscles. It didn't matter what exercises I did, using equipment or machines, all I did was recruit other muscles to do the work. Since working on the Chibolster I have been able to isolate the hamstrings and learn to recruit them along with my gluts and which has enabled me to develop significant strength in them again. I can now run again and do stair training with an extra bounce in my step.
Date of Posting: 07 February 2013
Posted By: Karin Williamson
I have been training on a chibolster for about a year now and have felt amazing results. I have had both ankles reconstructed and experience discomfort in my feet daily. I have developed bunions overtime as well, but I am finding by working on the bolster regularly the fascia in my feet seems to be less tense and more pliable. My bunions certainly have not worsened. My ankles have become more flexible and all corresponding muscles in my feet and calf seem to in an an overall happier state.
Date of Posting: 07 February 2013
Posted By: Karin Herrmann
I have been attending Karin's classes for about 5 years now. I have found them to be exactly what I needed. I have tried lots of different classes over the years, but Karin's classes challenge me without making me feel useless or uncoordinated. They give great variety without being boring - how could they be boring when we laugh so much; at ourselves and the world? As well, I love Karin's generosity - she has learned so much along the way and she has no hesitation is sharing it with us so we learn, too. There is also a strong sense of belonging in the classes, and that is a great feeling.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2012
Posted By: Jenny McW
After one session using the ChiBolster I had relief from a long term pain near my hip that had occured after surgery and a fracture. The relief lasted a number of days. After a second session the relief lasted longer and has increased with each session.
I have been pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this exercise and have reduced my regular arthritis medication.
Helen Robinson
Date of Posting: 05 May 2012
Posted By: Helen Robinson
"I have been a participant of Karin’s classes for 10 years. I began with Stretch, then Wu Tao and more recently tried Chi Ball. Karin’s classes are like nothing else in Bendigo, they are unique and reach out to you on every level of your mind, body and spirit. Karin herself is a very professional instructor and her genuine enthusiasm and caring personality ensures all participants, of all ages, have an enjoyable and relaxed experience when in her class. I always leave the room feeling uplifted and free. "
Date of Posting: 18 April 2012
Posted By: A Toomey
I have had severe back pain for over 18 months and relied heavily on anti-inflammatory tablets to relieve the pain. Dry needling and Pilates helped for a while, then in April I began a Beginners class of Stretch and Fitball with Karin. After the second week, I took the painkillers from my handbag back to the first aid kit. Thanks Karin for sharing your knowledge and advice about my body and how I can actually do something to improve it. Improvement will only happen if I do the exercises daily .... If it is to be, it is up to me! - with some great teaching from Karin.
Date of Posting: 28 February 2012
Posted By: J B
I suffer from scoliosis of the spine with a twist from the upper right side of my spine across to the lower left. Of recent years this causes sporadic pain in the lower left back and a painful tightening of the muscles on the upper thigh. Using the fitball in class has helped my core strength and improved my mobility, but with the introduction of the Chi Bolster I had startling results. Exercising with the bolster in class staved off a severe attack on 2 separate occasions and I use it at home below the lower back and under the buttocks for leg raising exercises. This keeps the pain to a minimum and allows me to walk regularly. The Chi Bolster is great for gentle exercise. Jill H
Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Jill H
I am 57 and have never pushed myself to exercise, although I walk quite a lot. I needed to start some cardio exercise before going on a hiking holiday. Karin's cardio circuit gave me the chance to steadily develop my cardio capacity and to select exercises which I needed to develop my core muscle strength. We started with a yoga 'Salute to the Sun' and this was a lovely way to start the morning. I enjoyed the drive out to Junortoun and the ability to exercise outside for some of the routines. As always, a lovely friendly and supportive environment. Thank you Karin.
Date of Posting: 29 April 2011
Posted By: Barb Barb
I enjoy the challenge of self-pace, not an inanimate voice next station chasing you around the circuit. The motivation is of your own making; you can do one circuit, or two or even three. Karin is on hand always ensuring correct technique, modifying the exercise to suit one's initial ability and gradually building up the core strength. Her workout room looks on the morning sun rise, and when Karin leads us in the warm up stretch exercise, the energy that bathes over us is incredible.
Date of Posting: 25 April 2011
Posted By: Jee Too

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