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When you dance to the rhythms of your life, you are truly alive in all ways.

Jenny McW
I have been attending Karin's classes for about 5 years now. I have found them to be exactly what I needed. I have tried lots of different classes … read more
Karin Herrman
I have been training on a chibolster for about a year now and have felt amazing results. I have had both ankles reconstructed and experience … read more
We do not stop exercising because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop exercising!
Dr K Cooper
  • Somatics - pain relief through movement.
  • Somatics - pain relief through movement.
"I love doing the Wu Tao dancing. At the end of another hectic busy day,
I find my body and mind relaxing and refocusing to the movements, breathing and music of Wu Tao. Every time I dance, I start to feel more alive and more settled within myself again. Plus Karin creates such a warm environment that we have a lot of fun and laugh lots in all her classes – especially when we all start turning the wrong way!
Thanks Karin for giving us all a space to dance and let go!"
Date of Posting: 18 March 2011
Posted By: Danni Szitar
"Karin's Fitball classes are a fantastic environment for all ages to exercise. Relaxed, friendly, un-intimidating and endlessly changing, so you never ever get bored. The best "core" class in Bendigo!"
Date of Posting: 03 February 2011
Posted By: Victoria Nankervis
"I have been attending Karin's Stretch classes for 8 years. I have found the classes to have a range of exercises which have been most beneficial in building up my core muscle strength ad maintaining flexibility. Under Karin's professional instruction we are given encouragement and supervision throughout the session. The atmosphere in our group is a happy friendly and relaxed one especially when Karin incorporates meditation time in some of our classes."
Date of Posting: 02 February 2011
Posted By: Jenny Treyvand
Stretch and fitness classes have been ideal for me for extra fitness and to offset the effects of too many hours spent sitting still at the computer. Karin creates an atmosphere in the class where each person can participate and be relaxed, and each of us can benefit in our own way.
Date of Posting: 29 December 2010
Posted By: C Fyffe
The Chi Ball Bolster is a nifty fitness extra that is so simple yet so effective. It safely gives support in exactly the right place to give a brilliant abs session.
Hunter Gill
Date of Posting: 04 November 2010
Posted By: Hunter Gill
After great personal loss I found Karin and the Wu Tao dance class to be just what was needed to heal and have the most fun while exercising within a caring and accepting group. Karin's depth of knowledge and wisdom is a gift. Give yourself a present that can change your life. Kind Regards Pauline
Date of Posting: 07 September 2010
Posted By: Pauline Jones
It is with a renewed sense of energy and vitality that I walk away from your classes. I have found myself sleeping better and am feeling more harmonious and balanced throughout the day. The classes are a wonderful mix of beautiful music and graceful moves and it creates such an infectious and happy place to be. All the effort, support, laughter and enthusiasm you give us both during and outside the classes is much appreciated.
Date of Posting: 20 July 2010
Posted By: Leanne Leanne
I originally attended Karin's fitball classes many years ago to ease the pain in my back and recently have joined the ChiBall classes for relaxation & fitness. Karin puts you at ease with her style of teaching & for that reason I enjoy the classes very much. There is no pressure to do anything that your body may not be able to manage at that particular time. I would recommend them to anyone, from beginners to people who are fit already.
Date of Posting: 09 July 2010
Posted By: Di Di
"Three years ago, I joined a Fitball & Stretch Class very reluctantly for a "try once" situation. I discovered that it filled an unrecognised gap in my athletics training. It is interesting, superbly instructed and has made a noticeable (or visible) difference to my posture. It suits literally anyone's level of fitness needs with endless variations to suit people's personal circumstances. Most of all, it's fun!"
Date of Posting: 18 March 2010
Posted By: H Gill
"Stretch-fitball classes - I was asked the other day “have you lost weight? – you look like you are standing up straighter” I have been doing stretch class for less that a term now & I can feel the benefits. I do feel like I am sitting straighter & walking taller.
"Wu Tao – a fun way to provide mind, body & spiritual harmony"
Date of Posting: 12 March 2010
Posted By: Angela Boyd

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